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Practice Labs provides users with an online lab platform to develop their practical skills in IT technologies such as Microsoft, Cisco and VMWare.

As well as providing the hardware you require, you also gain access to high quality practical exercises covering exam topics helping you to maximise your studying time and increase your results.

Our cloud based solution uses real equipment enabling you to carry out each practical task in a safe environment accessible from anywhere, without the need to buy your own equipment or risk your internal systems.

If you want to improve your practical skills and increase your chances of success then Practice Labs is for you!

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Html5 client enabled

We have detected you are using the Html5 remote desktop client. This will change the following functionality:

  • Devices that use the Remote Desktop Protocol will open in a new window.
  • Devices will not automatically connect, connections will be opened when you click the left tabs or the connect button if the device is already the active tab.

If you wish to use the in-page remote desktop connection, you will need to have Java installed and the option enabled using the icon in the bottom right of the device window. Java can be downloaded at www.java.com.

Note: We recommend using Java as it has performance and other benefits.

Devices in new window

Launching devices in a new window will disable auto-connecting once a device is powered on. Browsers and plugins detect opening devices in a new window as a popup which usually will be blocked. To connect to a device once it's on, click the connect button in the controls bar.